«Domino Bones» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Domino Bones are a band from the UK consisting of various members from Black Grape, Happy Mondays and The Stone Roses:

Lead Vocals - Monica Ward

Tambourine/Lead Ranting Preacher - Bez (Happy Mondays)

Guitar - Wags (Black Grape/Happy Mondays)

Drums - Simon Moore (Stone Roses/Ian Brown)

Bass - Winker (ex Bodines)

Bez’s story so far reads more like fiction than fact…

Born in Salford & christened Mark Berry, he grew up in an era with no real prospects on the horizon, took to the streets with similar like minded kids, was thrown out of the family home by his father, a policeman. Then, travelled the world, stayed in a Moroccan cave, returned to Manchester and found himself living in a fully furnished shed. Bez met Shaun Ryder, an inspired poet, otherwise known as ‘X’, was invited on stage to shake his maracas at the infamous Hacienda and together they created the 80s Madchester scene. The rest as they say, is history.

Since then, The Happy Mondays split and reformed several times, Bez put his mind to writing a book, appearing on TV & guesting on Radio channels, involving himself in charity gigs and DJing across the country. In addition to this, has been putting a lot of effort & time into new band project ‘Domino Bones’. The band is fronted by the man himself and Monica Ward, an amazing young, talented prolific singer & songwriter.

This new concept was conceived around 1998 and inspired by the late Joe Strummer and encouraged by good friend and neighbour, Shaun Ryder. Ryder guests on a few tracks but the real brains behind the concept, melodies and song writing can be credited to the one and only Bez, proving that he is not just a freaky dancer !!