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DoomsDayDevice is a creation of Poxyclypse Labs.

Poxyclypse Labs is a homebase/studio in New Orleans, La. comprised of brothers, wz3d (Christopher Wyble)and Sputnik J. Frey (Jeremy Frey) and serves as an umbrella for their varied projects.

Beginning in the summer of 2002, in Lafayette, La. with the recording of the acoustic ep, Carpetbag Profiteers - Oddities, Elixers and Toilet Goods, and a string of acoustic shows to support its release, the brothers went right to work writing and recording everything they thought of, regardless of genre or budget constraints (Oddities… was recorded using a demo version of Sonar and a Radio Shack computer mic. the high hats featured on the first track are actually Wyble’s keys jangling from hand to hand).

Next came the first DoomsDayDevice (name inspired by the Doomsday Machine in Kubrik’s, Dr. Strangelove and the brothers’ mutual love of all things apocalyptic) album, End Of The Beginning Of The End, in 2004. This album actually began as a solo album for Wyble (who had recently adopted the moniker, wz3d, short for Wyblezilla3d), showcasing a series of songs written exclusively on acoustic guitar and the MTV Music Generator for Sony’s Playstation 1. The concept for DoomsDayDevice was created in this time and the resulting album featured both the chaotic circus songs originally intended and the John Carpenter inspired, sci/fi hiphop ( Apocalyptic TerrorHop, Frey dubbed it) that the sound was evolving into. The shows that followed featured wz3d on guitar and vocals, Frey on bass and vocals and a third member, Luscious J (James Kaultenback), a local professional wrestler, who served as the hype/light and fog machine guy. All drum tracks and accompanying music were pre-recorded and played back on CD, directly into the p.a. with each show being mixed in a different order, songs strung together with dialogue samples from obscure sci/fi and horror films. A complete cardboard cityscape background was constructed, with the amps disguised as buildings. there was a homemade robot that supposedly was playing the music, but was actually just a lit-up jumble of a coffee maker, a Styrofoam ice chest, some wire whips and a cheap Tesla coil.

It went on this way for roughly a year, before Kaultenback became too busy with wrestling, and the brothers deciding to completely drop the instruments and turn the DoomsDayShow into a higher energy hip-hop show. They continued using the CD player, eventually upgrading to an Ipod, before teaming up with local dj, Tony Skratchere, who, with fellow dj and long-time girlfriend, Beverly Skillz, was hosting a weekly hip-hop night at a local club which featured DDD about once a month. He sat in, freestyling cuts at a few shows and soon became a full-time member.

DoomDay and the two DJs moved to New Orleans in August of 2006 and went right to work setting up shows and handing out CDs, t-shirts and stickers. Wyble began playing acoustic open mics, sometimes with Frey sitting in with a cardboard box and a kazoo. Both brothers got jobs in local bars and quickly started making friends and musical connections.
The Poxyclypse Digital Pentagram Show began as a test to break in their new home studio. Old radio serials inspired this absurd podcast, which was comprised of mostly experimental ideas, all part of the learning process for their constantly improving equipment and software, most of which, neither had any prior experience using. The podcast contained an eclectic mix of music, intertwined with characters they created and voiced, with a background score usually created by them, sometimes on the fly, with a thread-bare plot just barely giving each episode a theme.

Becoming busier and busier with weekly DJ spots and a general lack of interest in the Device’s brand of bizzaro, unclassifiable, nerdy but not nerdcore, hip-hop, Tony Skratchere parted ways in mid-‘07. The 3 remain friends and continue to support one another.

The recording of the second DoomsDayDevice album, entitled Mostly Harmless (obvious Douglas Adams reference) was set back almost a full year, due to the landlord of their home/studio having a major remodeling job done to it while they were still living there. They literally slept on friends’ couches for 5 months, but returned with a strengthened determination and the saved rent money that instead went to even more improvements to the growing studio.

The album was completed in November 2008, and was clearly their most solid, confident, polished and complete effort to date. The influences, from John Carpenter to Fabbio Frizzi to El-P (especially his production on Cannibal Ox) to Tangerine Dream, Skinny Puppy and Tom Waits have never come across so clearly without ever feeling contrived or ripped off.

The live show following this, featured friends with cheesy masks of Frey and wz3d, mimicking them to pre-recorded voices in the music mix, a show performed and promoted under the name, Action Paxton, with most lyrics changed to references of actor, Bill Paxton’s most memorable film roles, and various other antics. Most notable, was the introduction of a digital projector to the show. This began with just showing Japanese cyberpunk classics such as Shinya Tsukamoto’s Tetsuo:The Iron Man or Fukui’s Rubber’s Lover without the subtitles. The ultra-frantic editing automatically seemed to fall in time with the beats. This sparked an interest in actually editing the video to create a whole extra dimension to the show.

Good friend and local filmmaker, Jerry Mclaughlin, made a 3 song video piece using footage culled from the brothers’ massive DVD and VHS collection. The success of this addition inspired both of them to learn editing themselves and they have been working over the course of the last year to combine the music and video aspects of The DoomsDay Show more and more, creating a live show that is more than a hip-hop show and closer in content to the zaniness of the podcasts.

Currently, Poxyclypse Labs is undergoing a slow and steady, cheapo green screen makeover and expanding to accommodate an as-of-yet unnamed rock-n-roll project with Wyble on vocals and rhythm guitar, Frey on bass, along with a lead guitar, a keyboard/theremin/sample-ist, and drummer, influenced by the brothers love for Ennio Morricone and heavy metal.