«Double Faced Eels» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Double Faced Eels is a Latvian alternative rock band. They initial sound draw influences from punk rock and pop music, with which they gained mainstream popularity in Latvia, but later they shifted their sound towards more heavier genres like alternative metal and industrial rock.

Double Faced Eels has released three studio albums: Zilais valis (2006), Kurš gribēja nogalināt Džūliju? Nezinu, bet trāpīja mums (2007), Vēl patiesāk (2010).


• 2006 band released the debut album “Zilais Valis”.

• 2006 - DFE performed in Lithuania, taking part in the national television’s LNK show NAUJI VEIDAI – NAUJA KOKYBE. The band has arranged the second Lithuanian anthem which is titled 3 000 000 (actually in Lithuanian).

• 2007 – Double Faced Eels comes out with second studio album “Kurš gribēja nogalināt Džūliju? Nezinu bet trāpija mums”.

• In 2007, during the annual Baltic Music Industry Conference (BMIC) in Lithuania DFE were invited to perform at the Sziget festival in Hungary. During the summer season, DFE performed across Latvia, as well as in Lithuania, Hungary and Polland.

• 2007 – Double Faced Eels warm up “The Rasmus” during their visit in Latvia, Skonto Stadions

• 2007 - Double Faced Eels were nominated in the 2007 MTV Europe Music Awards in Munich for Best Baltic Act.

• 2008 – Double Faced Eels were nominated in the 2007 Annual Latvian Music Record Awards for the best rock album “Kurš gribēja nogalināt Džūliju? Nezinu, bet trāpīja mums.”

• 2008 – Double Faced Eels were presented with a Golden Disc for the album “Kurš gribēja nogalināt Džūliju? Nezinu, bet trāpīja mums.”

• 2008 – DFE warm up Avril Lavigne during her “The Best Damn Tour” in Arēna Rīga.

• 2009 - the band performs in the Czech Republic.

• 2010 – the band releases its third studio album “Vel patiesak”.


•DFE have produced videos for:

• “Ļauj man būt” (2010), http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKDP0H7ggDM

• “Ja tā nav” (2010), http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1aDP0pa3Edg

• “Tu neesi viens tāds” (2010), http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BeczIJIsNvA

• “Nauda Krīt” (2008),

• “Prāts un Sirds” (2007),

• “Salda Dzīve ievārījumā” (2007),

• “Krokodils”(2006),

• “Dagmāra”(2006),

• “Prasīt Aizmirsto” (2005).

ABOUT THE NAME OF THE BAND: The name of the band evolved gradually. Before the inception, the members of the band called each other “eels”. Thus originated the basic model for the name of the band. Further changes in the name are related to guitarist Marka, who got nicknamed “a double faced snake” at an event. As it sounded like a compliment, the band’s name “Double Faced Eels” emerged. In English this name sounds just like the band – Double Faced Eels!