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There are two bands using name “Dred”, described below:


The band had its early beginnings in Sydney, Australia 2001, when two school friends Denis Vlachiotis (Lead/Rhythm Guitar) and Michael Conti (Bass/Vocals) collaborated to write and assemble material for what would soon become Dred.

With Michael Conti initially performing both bass and vocal duties, the band’s music began to take shape. Combining attributes of thrash and death metal, they were to spend the next two years developing the band’s direction, rehearsing, writing and refining their original material.

In late 2004, they met musician Mikhail Okrugin (Rhythm/Lead Guitar) and knew they had found someone who shared their passion. He joined the band and the nucleus of DRED was firmly established.

With several songs already written, the band set to work recording an instrumental 4-track demo, which they circulated around Sydney in the hope of finding a drummer and a vocalist to complete the line-up.

The search for a drummer proved to be a challenge. However after a thorough search David Horgan was spotted competing in the final of a prestigious national drumming competition. The guys immediately asked Dave to audition for the band, and within a short time he would take his place behind the kit for Dred.

Luckily the search for a vocalist was an easy one as close friend Evgeny Linnik, an experienced local vocalist, agreed to join the band late 2005. Evgeny’s powerful stage presence and unique vocal style were the final elements required in order for Dred to produce their own distinctive sound.

With their line-up complete, the band self-financed, produced and recorded their debut 4-track EP “A Path to Extinction”. Shortly after, Dred was approached by the producers of the Online music channel Vetti Vision to appear on their show for which the “Absent From Entity” and “Animal, Man… Machine” videos were recorded.

Their raw energy both in the studio and on stage is a reflection of their desire to take their craft to the next level. Now with all the required elements in place Dred is sure to become a defining force in the Australian and world wide metal scenes.

”DRED is now OUROBOROS (Official Press Release)

After much thought and preparation we have decided to change the band name. It was a unanimous decision that we needed a more powerful and meaningful title that more suitably reflects what we are about and better fits our musical and lyrical themes.

From here on forward DRED will be known as OUROBOROS.”


Hunagrian band Dred founded by Zsolt Biro in 1998 started as a dance formation and has released many dance tracks on various compilations.

The most important breakthrough in the band’s life was in 2004 when Dred had released track “Csak a Hold” (Just the Moon), that stood for Hungary on Eurodance Song Festival in 2006, too.

The second single was “Az éjjel” (The Night), followed by single “Bolond Nyár” (Crazy Summer) in year 2006.

Dred’s 2007 track called “Felkelt a Nap” (The Sun has Raised) entered straight in the Top 10 on the Official Hungarian Dance Chart.

More recently Dred has established a duo with Doris, releasing Csak benned bíztam in April 2009 and Bolond a szívem in September 2009, high-scoring tracks in Hungary and in neighbouring countries.