«Duck» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

1-Duck (Vincent Robin) is a french electro producer mainly influenced by Dub music. Multi-instrumentalist, he discovered the sound synthesis very young and is now a major figure of the Creative Commons alternative scene.

Playing with some bands since 2003, he started a solo project late 2006 with the album “One Way Back” by joining the netlabel “Freshpoulp Records”. This album combines all kinds of sounds and oscillates between Electro-Dub, Trip-Hop and Drum’n’Bass.

Two years and several collaborations later, he comes back with “Logical Fallacy”, his second LP with complementary colors of the first one, with the same concern for consistency between the sounds.

The 5 tracks on his latest EP “Red Tape” confirm his uptempo orientation. Duck has a more muscular music, between breakbeat and dub echoes.

2-Duck was a former Pop/Dance Serbian Band