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Dzelzs Vilks (meaning ‘Iron Wolf’) is a four-piece rock band from Sigulda, Latvia formed in Mālpils in 1991. Originally, a death metal act, they have considerably altered their sound for each album, drifting within a wide range of styles such as alternative, rock, gothic, industrial, synth pop, darkwave and folk. Over years Dzelzs Vilks have claimed most of the highest chart positions and relevant awards in the Latvian music scene, as well as collaborated with a number of other local musicians, performance theatres, and even sports teams. Their recent ‘2011 release Dzīvnieks pilsētā (‘Urban Animal’) is their 12th full-length album to date.The current lineup consists of : Juris Kaukulis - vocal, guitars; Kārlis Alviķis - bass guitar; Kaspars Tobis - keyboards, programming; Mārcis Judzis - drums.http://www.dzelzsvilks.comhttp://www.youtube.com/dzelzsvilksvideo