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Eat lights; Become lights (aka Eat Lights Become Lights, Eat Lights : Become Lights and ELBL), is a London, UK based krautrock, electronic, indie, rock, and alternative band. They are known for their live performances as the house band at Klub Motorik.

Origins: Eat Lights Become Lights was formed in London in 2007, by Neil Rudd, who also serves as the writer and producer of the band’s work. Band members include Rudd on lead guitar and vocals, as well as John Barrett on drums, Matt Donavan on drums, and Al Baker on bass guitar. Neil Rudd was influenced by minimalist and drone artists such as Can, early Spacemen 3, Spiritualized, Loop, Steve Reich, Ali Farka and the more obvious electronic sources. As the music developed, more electronic based influences started to overtake due to their generally wider and sometimes limitless palette of sounds. Using these sources, less as a guidebook and more as a platform, this new dynamic evolved. The name “Eat Lights Become Lights” was intended to be something memorable, but not the one word band name, which Rudd suggested was commonplace in the industry. It is suggested to be a “mantra” or “statement” that alludes to something “nebulous” and offers audiences an anchor point from which to explore the sound. The trademark Eat Lights Become Lights sound owes much to Neil’s love of German avant rock and electronic music of the 1970s, which some suggest is not just “pastiche” or “homage”, but rather a “soulful extension” conveyed through a concoction of motorik grooves, overpowering noise, and then balanced with a uniqueness that indicates most clearly the bands “burgeoning potential”.

Releases: The début single They Transmit single was released in May 2008. KLUSTERED, the second single, had a more modern inspiration from the krautrock sound.

Their third single, Test Drive, came out on square green vinyl in February 2011. The first Eat Lights Become Lights album Autopia appeared in March 2011.

The second album, Heavy Electrics, which arrived in September 2012 on (Rocket Girl), was acclaimed for its motorik beat and uniquely accelerating guitar sounds. It has been suggested that the intricate patterns of the album cover may have been inspired by hr giger. The album was noted in q magazine, the quietus and blank media collective, where it received a 5/5 rating, in addition to prog magazine, dates and musik.

The third album, “Modular Living” (July 2013, Rocket Girl) has taken a more organic, electronic approach in places. Some of the adjectives used to describe it include Motorik, progressive, resonating and insistent. Modular Living, is said to borrow from various influences such as Can, Neu!, Kraftwerk, Hillage, Cluster, and a slice of Spiritualized. The sound sample opposite shows how analogue and software synths are used alongside traditional guitar, bass and drums, to construct an ever-evolving synthetic landscape of harmony and melody, feedback and drones, underpinned with driving, insistent motorik percussion.

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