«Ejecucion» - biography, albums, songs, video clips


Alejandro Caputo (vocals / guitar)

Fernando Grande (bass)

Gonzalo Gimenez (keyboards)

Gabriel Fioravanti (drums)

Ejecucion was born as a band in the middle of the ´90s . and it could be said that after several line up changes, they reached some stability. In 1995, drummer Diego Grua Joined Alejandro Caputo (voice and guitar) and Fernando Grande (Bass and keyboards). They started to make the “style” which was later reflected in their first demo tape. After countless live concerts and a little independent production totally autofinanced (la oscuridad eterna), the two founder members slowly got musical maturity (we hope it never ended). They performed a concert that year pulverizing everything known at that moment in underground band´s performance. Supporting themselves in their powerful sound, definitely doom metal, and their truly oppressive spreading out scenography they got and unforgettable experience for those who had the luck to be there that night. Some time later, new corporate seal stormsouls edited “sorrow and misery”, the second independent production. So the band worked for two months during 150 hours at the amuyen studios in martinez, recording all the material in 24 channels, which would be, later, part of their first cd. Anyway , in january 1997, stormsouls edited the material with 4 themes and intros, with a lush design art. The production got and good welcome at the whole world. So in june 1997, ejecucion performed a concer in san salvador de jujuy introducing gonzalo gimenez definitely in keyboards. At the end of 1997, they made a deal with furias records, managers and , at the beginning of 1998, the debut CD was putting up for sale with the emblematic name “observation”. The Cd was distributed in the whole world and it got a great repercussion. It is the first Cd edited in digipack on this kind of music with an amazing art and a sound only comparable to the best band in this sort of music. Covered by their medieval sound (their costumes are XVI Century copies) and playing obertures and renaissance dances, they are identified with the more hipnotic doom metal. Ejecucion presented officially the cd in october 1998. Now, with gabba (gabriel fioravanti) recently incorporated in drums. Ejecucion are planning to pour out the dark stern of their music by the whole earth.