«Elane» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Elane is a gothic / dark folk band from Germany fronted by vocalist Joran Elane with occasional backing male vocals. Since the formation in 2001 the band grew from a solo project to a band with 5 members. The first to join was Skaldir who joined Joran in 2001 and was in the band for two years. In 2002 Katrin was added to the band. And in 2004 Nico joined and Skaldir rejoined after two years of abscence. Sound: Mainly ethereal supported by ac. guitar, tinwhistle, low whistle, violin and cello. Elane’s sound also includes elements of darkwave and medieval music. Similar artists: Chandeen, Unto Ashes, Eridu Arcane Releases: 2002: Der Nachtwald [CD demo] 2004: The Fire of Glenvore [CD, Kalinkaland] 2005: Love Can’t Wait [CD EP, Kalinkaland] 2006: Lore of Nén [CD, Distinct (CMS)] 2008: The Silver Falls [CD, Curzweyhl Records] 2011: Arcane [CD, Curzweyhl Records] Homepage: http://elane-music.com/ Fanclub: http://www.elane-fanclub.de.vu