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EMF may stand for:


  • EMF (band), a British band
    • "EMF", a bonus track on EMF's album Schubert Dip
  • E.M.F. (album), a 1983 album by GG Allin
  • English Music Festival, a British music festival


  • European Museum Forum, an international not-for-profit museum organisation founded in 1977
  • Educational Media Foundation, a not-for-profit broadcasting organization
  • Electronic Music Foundation, a not-for-profit organization
  • E-M-F Company (Everitt-Metzger-Flanders), an early American automobile manufacturer
  • Energy Modeling Forum, a forum for discussing issues in energy and the environment
  • European Metalworkers' Federation, a federation of unions
  • European Maritime Force, a multinational naval force
  • Electromagnetic Field (Festival), a UK technical festival

Science and technology

  • Electromotive force, the origin of voltage in electrical devices
  • Eclipse Modeling Framework, a modeling framework based on Eclipse software
  • Electromagnetic field, a physical field
  • Enhanced Metafile, a Microsoft Windows graphics file format