«Endless Grey» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

It is said that driving through a hazy fog on a mountainside is quite dangerous. But after cultivating the courage to do so, you notice that traveling through it you see flashes and spans of colorful gleaming lights, you hear uplifting keyboard sounds and upbeat tempos - and you feel different about making your way through. These things come to embody Endless Grey, a Seattle-based band known for their melodic brand of goth-rock. Endless Grey beautifully elevates the Seattle music scene with an inventive, unique combination of ethereal keyboard melodies, soaring guitar solos, and introspective lyrics, reminiscent of HIM, Depeche Mode, and Charon… yet unmistakably Endless Grey.

Endless Grey began in autumn of 2004 through the use of online classifieds. In 2005, Endless Grey released a three-song, self-titled demo that was quickly and enthusiastically met with a strong online following. The band began playing shows at popular Seattle venues such as “the Catwalk”, “Jimmy Z’s” and “The Rainbow”, as well as bigger mainstays such as “Studio Seven”, “El Corazon”, and Pioneer Square’s “Central Saloon”. All of this culminated in Endless Grey headlining Headbanger’s Holiday in 2006 and singer Darin Wrigley’s live interview on KISW’s “Loud and Local Show”, which opened the door for frequent air play of the band’s early recordings.

Soon after, Endless Grey went into the studio to record their first full-length album, “The Addition of Strangeness to Beauty”, a collection of ten original tracks and a cover of Depeche Mode’s “Policy of Truth”. In 2007 the band stormed the Seattle live music scene to promote their new album, playing for an increasingly expansive ardent fan base.

Through the course of the next year, the band endured some changes to their lineup, including the replacement of a guitarist, and a dizzying number of bass players. Undaunted, Endless Grey hit the studio once more to record a five-song EP entitled “Until the End”. The EP was released in July 2009, and became a shining example of what the band had worked so hard to achieve in terms of songwriting and production value.

2010 thus far, has developed many great shows, a new bass player, and foresees the coming of Endless Grey’s second full-length album. The writing has begun… further news to be released.


Darin Wrigley (vocals)

Dallan Sterzik (guitars)

Arman Birang (bass)

Kevin Preston (keyboards)

Geoff Young (drums)