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Edwin Laureano Rosa Vazquez Ortiz (October 15, 1981 in Río Piedras), known professionally as Ñengo Flow, is a Puerto Rican rap and reggaeton singer-songwriter. He was born in the Río Piedras district of San Juan, Puerto Rico and grew up in Bayamón, Puerto Rico where he would get his start in the music business. It was there that from a young age he would develop interest in the world of urban music. His lyric content came from personal experiences in his neighborhood with other children and classmates. It is not until age 14 when Edwin Rosa was first presented on stage in the neighborhood where he lived in a community movement. There he discovered his mission and dream in life to be an advocate of life in the neighborhood and the streets in his town vent to his experiences in his lyrics.

Singing career

After a few years the name “Ñengo Flow,” became known, baptizing the name as a subject of his community. His beginnings as an artist started by releasing a mixtape with colleagues and friends. It came to be heard on Univision. This allowed him to easily release his first studio album Flow Callejero in 2001. He would continue to release mixtapes including El Combo Que No Se Deja in 2008 and La Verdadera Calle in 2009. He would also appear on various reggaetón compilation albums including Los Anormales (2004), Sangre Nueva (2005), DJ Joe - Abusando del Género (2006). In 2011, he launched his highly acclaimed mixtape Real G4 Life and in 2012 Real G4 Life 2 as well as a Real G4 Life 2.5. Real G4 Life 2 peaked at number 75 on the Billboard Top Latin Albums chart while the 2.5 edition peaked at number 61 on the same chart. Also in 2012, he would appear on various artists' album including Ivy Queen's Musa while also providing uncredited vocals to the song "La Killer".


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