«Epitome» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

There are multiple bands called Epitome 1) Epitome was a punk rock band from Connecticut formed in the mid-1970s by Raymond Vecsey and Keith Amo. Epitome was considered to be the “founding fathers” of the punk/new wave movement in CT. 2) Epitome band was brought to life in 1992. Two years later Epitome releases its first 4 track demo entitled “Engluf The Decrepitude” released by Guzzler Promotion. Reviews of this demo tape appeared in zines all over the world, always warmly welcomed. The band plays its first gigs. At the same time due to different issues some personal changes take place, leading eventually to cease in activity untill 1996 when lineup becomes stabile enough for Epitome to start working on new material. The new material was recorded and mastered in 1998 at Manek Studio in Sanok in form of a new demo “autoeROTicism”. Songs on this demo explore new face and soud of Epitome music. With proffesional promotion and distribution of Dogma Records the tape reaches 1300 outlet copies and is distributed all over the world. Due to this fact demo becomes a full cd which again faces very broad response and good reviews, appearing on many compilations in Poland and abroad. Between 1999-2001 Epitome tours a lot in Poland and among others in : Great Britan, Belgium, France, Germany, Chech Republic, Slovakia also apearing on many prestigious festivals: Obscene Extreme Festival, Festering Blood Festival, Bloodfest…in the mean time few new songs are being composed to be later recorded in mid 2002 again at Manek Studio in Sanok. Doing this Epitome meets with release deal signed with Great Britan based Conquer Records. As an effect full cd material “supeROTic performance” is being released. “supeROTic performance” consists of 14 tracks includingremastered tracks from “autoeROTicism”,new tracks and covers: Mortician - “Zombie Apocalypse” and Ulcerous Phlegm - “Consequence”. At Present few personal changes have taken place and again with new lineup Epitome is creating uncompromised music, with 3 tracks released as a prologue to a new material Epitome appears on a split with Mesrine released by EveryDayHate.