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Eric Gorfain is an American violinist and leader of The Section Quartet.

He has been classically trained since the age of four and later participated in orchestras throughout his studies at UCLA, where he became symphony concertmaster.

In 1996, he toured with Jimmy Page and Robert Plant on their Unledded Tour and has since worked studio wise with Live, Sinéad O'Connor, Ryan Adams, Maria McKee, Dr. Dre, Clint Black, Eric Clapton, and Ray Charles. He has toured with Sam Phillips (musician)

As a composer and producer he founded Quietstreet Productions in 1998 and today he continues to write string arrangements for artists such as A Perfect Circle, Black Light Burns, Dokken and Buffalo Tom.

Eric has lived and worked in Tokyo as an in-demand studio musician and continues to work regularly in Japan as well as America.

In 2001 he provided music for Yoake no Mariko, a Japan-exclusive PS2 game designed by Ren and Stimpy creators, Spümcø.