«Eyes And Teeth» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Materializing in this sphere around 1972 in Detroit, Michigan, This ill specimen was a prototype.

Absorbing the last few years of Iggy Pop and the Stooges along with George Clinton and the Funk Mob, little Eyes headed to the suburbs with his family in 1980.

In the greener pastures of suburbia, child Eyes absorbed transmissions from Windsor’s Brave New Waves and the Electrifying Mojo.

As he grew, him soaked up Michigan Hardcore, the Scene, the New Dance Show, and the Warehouse, Clutch Cargos, Bookies, Blondies, and St. Andrews.

As the 80’s became the 90’s, he was inevitably sucked into Detroit’s psyche reformatting rave scene.

As the 90’s wound down, young man Eyes was getting crazy trying to pursue his education and the Electronic Music Dragon.

He disappeared for awhile, mysteriously re-emerging in SW Florida in the mid 00’s as a clean cute, mild mannered Librarian with an insane record collection and an arsenal of electronic devices.

As the 2010’s roll in, Eyes can found educating the Youth about Hip Hop, Metal, Cinema, Graffiti Art, Computers, and Electronic Music during the day as a Librarian.

At night, he can usually be found with his beautiful family, creating music with his ‘Robot Computer’. He hopes to begin doing live performances this year with his Collective so that he may shake some asses and blow some minds.

Remember what Uncle George taught us-> ‘Free Your Mind And Your Ass Will Follow’!