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Not to be confused with F Minus, a comic strip.

F-Minus was a punk rock band formed in 1995 in Huntington Beach, California, started by Jen Johnson and Brad Logan. F-Minus was known for their dueling male and female vocals in songs that were sometimes as short as 12 seconds ("Fuck You O.C."). Before breaking up in 2004, their last album was recorded by Steve Albini. Throughout their career, they covered such bands as Antidote, Black Randy and the Metro Squad, 7 Seconds, Negative Approach, and Agnostic Front. Brad Logan currently runs his own record label Blacknoise, and is also member of the New York band Leftöver Crack. Jen Johnson currently is the designer and owner of clothing label E.C. Star, and also is a member of the California band Ammunition Affair.


Final Line Up

  • Brad Logan- singer/guitar
  • Erica Daking- singer/guitar
  • Joe Steinbrick- bass
  • Adam Zuckert- drums
  • Jen Johnson- singer/bass

Former Members

  • Sarah Lee- guitar
  • Chris Lagerborg- drums
  • John Guerra- drums
  • Jen Johnson- singer/bass
  • JP Otto- drums



  • Self Titled LP/CD (Hellcat, 1999)
  • Suburban Blight LP/CD (Hellcat, 2001)
  • Wake Up Screaming LP/CD (Hellcat, 2003)
  • Won't Bleed Me / Failed Society CD (Alternative Tentacles, 2005)


  • Voice of Treason Cassette (Self Released, 1996)
  • Failed Society 7" (Hellcat, 1997)
  • Won't Bleed Me 7" (Pelado, 1997)
  • Failed Society / Won't Bleed Me Cassette (Self Released, 1997)
  • Split With Crack Rock Steady 7 - Baby Jesus Sliced Up In The Manger 10" (Knife or Death, 2001)
  • Sweating Blood 7" (Bridge 9, 2003)


  • Give Em' The Boot Volume 1 CD (Hellcat, 1997)
  • Old Skars and Upstarts CD/LP (Alive, 1997)
  • Give Em' The Boot Volume 2 CD (Hellcat, 1999)
  • No Time To Kill (Checkmate, 1999)
  • Vans Off The Wall Volume 3 CD (Vans, 2000)
  • Tomorrow Seems So Hopeless CD (Eyeball, 2000)
  • Give Em' The Boot Volume 3 CD (Hellcat, 2002)
  • Against Police Injustice CD (Non-Commercial, 2003)
  • Punk O' Rama Volume 8 CD (Epitaph, 2003)
  • Give Em' The Boot Volume 4 CD (Hellcat, 2004)
  • Give Em' The Boot DVD (Hellcat, 2005)
  • The Kids Are Gonna Pay Split (In Your Face (7 Seconds Cover))(2006)

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