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There are at least two bands with the name ‘FREUD’:


F.R.E.U.D. is a new age / celtic group featuring the heavenly melodic vocals of Dublin-based Cora O’Donovan, compositions / keyboard by Ingo Hauss and lyrics / percussion by Hayo Panarinfo.


FREUD Is a metalband hailing from the south of the netherlands. With passion and 200% hard work they are known for their music and live shows. With a mindset of storming stages all across europe they conquer the hearts of their crowds everywhere they go Their music is best described as metal combined with catchy melodies and suprising intervals.

When their first album comes out in 2003, they gain praise from national magazines and e-zines as an original band with potential. Doing shows and giving it their all pays off in 2005. They are asked to do a tour sponsored by Converse wich brings them across all big venues in the Netherlands. FREUD signs with roughtrade to distribute their first album in the benelux and the media starts playing the music and first video.

In 2006 FREUD is in the final of the national band competition and plays some sold out shows in germany. After this they decide it is time for a new album. After a line up change and personal setbacks they emerge and start recording in may 2007. The new music has more depth, and the band has matured and is ready to start their quest again. Still renown for their energy onstage, their music and their drive FREUD will storm stages again. The new album, called For Reality Ends Upon Death , will rock your socks off.