«Facundo Mohrr» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Facundo Mohrr was born in 1985 in the city of Quilmes in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since the early age of 10, Facundo got involved in music, having fun and exploring rythms playing guitar and drums.

Growing up in a house where depeche mode, new order, erasure, the cure, and many other “electronic” influenced bands where an everyday thing, years went by, and his interest in music grew and with it, his knowledge of music.

Thanks to the influence he got at home, and inspired by artists such as sasha and oakenfold among others, at the age of 16, Facundo decides to give Fruity loops a try and starts trying to create his own music. Some time passed and arround the year 2004, he found a sound he adopted as his by listening to sasha, J. Digweed, hernan cattaneo, martin garcia to name a few.

With a much clearer vision of what he was trying to achieve, in 2005, he produces some amazing tunes and catches the attention of many djs, having his tracks played by Hernan Cattaneo, Martin Garcia, Deep mariano, Guille Quero, Dj Paul, Dj tarkan, Gerardo Boscarino, Dario ef, kozmic 3 and victoria R. This way, one of his tracks (facundo mohrr feat. bjork - deep dip), makes it to pacha’s dancefloor in buenos aires when Victoria R, chooses it to open her set on a Ministry of sound party at this venue. His track, Facundo Mohrr - Dolphin, was played by Hernan Cattaneo, at Moonpark, one of the best electronic music party, with John Digweed.

With only 19 years old, many tracks to be released soon, and projects on the way, be sure you’ll be listening a lot more of Facundo Mohrr in the time to come.