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Not to be confused with Ribosome, a cell component.

Rhibosome were a three piece electronic outfit from Western Australia.


The genesis of Rhibosome began in 1998 when two members began playing in a street theatre percussion group called Whak. Later that year they toured to festivals in Canada, Singapore, Darwin and Melbourne.

Dave McKinney reminisces "We had a machine each, like a bike, sorta like a Sulo bin filled with wheelchair batteries and a chassis bolted to the back. It had wheels on the front and back, and you could steer the whole thing with a joystick. It had loads of percussion instruments and foam and stuff."

Once back from overseas the duo commenced their next project, writing a live electronic soundscape for urban circus company Bizircus. These songs soon morphed into a live set.

The groups’ debut release came via Perth’s Offworld Sounds label, a 12” single titled "Impulse", which attracted much praise both in Australia and internationally.

Rhibosome have supported Coldcut, Rae & Christian, Faze Action, Norman Jay, Resin Dogs, Endorphin, Ashley Beedle, José Padilla, Adam Freeland, The Wiseguys, Freestylers, Aphrodite, Ben Harper, Scratch Perverts. They also became one of the stalwarts of the Fremantle scene, regularly performing under their main name, but also as the Big Ear DJs at popular venues in the port city.

Rhibosome also performed at many of the bigger dance festivals, including Vibes on a Summer's Day, Gatecrasher, Science Fiction,


The Rhibosome collective was made up of:

  • Clayton Chipper
  • Chad Hedley
  • Andrew Selmes
  • Dave McKinney
  • Ryan Grieve
  • George Nikoloudis (live sound engineer)


  • "Impulse" (single) - Offworld Sounds
  • Rhibosome (selftitled LP) - Hydrofunk (2002)
  • "Get Ready" (single) - Hydrofunk Records (2002)


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