«Force Mass Motion» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

(Real name is Mike Wells)

Mike Wells released his first record in late 1991 after a demo tape he sent in to KISS FM made its way onto Colin Favar’s desk. The rest is history and it wasn’t long before the “Force Mass Motion EP” was released on Rabbit City.

What quickly followed was a stream of massive selling tracks including the biggest, “Panic”. Touring abroad at some of the world’s biggest parties became a regular part of Mike’s life as well as extensive UK dates and clubs further afield such as Australia and the USA.

It was when Mike set up his studio that the work began to pour in. In the years to follow he was responsible for numerous other projects such as “Friskee (FUK)”, “Ispirazione” with Gordon Matthewman (XVX) and “Cableguy” (Rabbit City). This was on top of a host of remixes that included ADAM F “Music In My Mind” , SMOKE CITY “Underwater Love”, ADAMSKI’S THING “One Of The People” and PF PROJECT “Walk Away” feat. Roachford (Positiva).

2000 for Mike started with a remix of MOBY’s “Porcelain” that was quickly followed up by mixes for some of the more major independent record labels including HOLE IN ONE “Ride The Moon” (Neo Musica) , TATABOX INHIBITORS “Plasmids” (Mute) and FAST “Transmission” (Cream)

All this work began to register interest from MUTE Records who were in the process of setting up a new, slightly more underground tech/house label called “FUTURE GROOVE”. The single “Supercell” was released and as Mike’s relationship with the label developed, a new project “Polaris” and two singles were signed to them under that name. Future Groove was picking up pace so Mike was drafted in to mix a compilation of all their past releases.

2002/03 projects included a collaboration with Dylan Rhymes. The tracks “Hold Back” and “Vanquish” were released on Acetate Records in June 2002 and had a huge impact on the breakbeat community. They gained massive interest from some of the more major independents and eventually a deal was struck with Critical Mass Recordings.The projects name was changed to Silencer with the album “Signals” released in August 2003 to HUGE acclaim. Silencer was billed as the “future in breakbeat” with heavy radio play and extensive press.

Mike Wells is not just breaks though. At the time all this was happening, he was involved in a soundtrack commission for the FOX TV show “Dark Angel” as well as production for the “Erasure” album.

Moving into 2004 saw the release “Drown In Me” from the Silencer album that had a HUGE response from all of the global dance communities. This wasn’t the only huge news for Silencer; the album had also been licensed to the US TV show “CSI - Crime Scene Investigation”.

2004 saw new releases from the “Force Mass Motion” project as well as a new collaboration with UK Cream resident Paul Hillyer under the name “Xpander”. The first release, Celeda “The Underground” was signed to US label STAR 69.

2005 was the year of the anthemic “I Need You” released on Critical Mass and 2006 sees a new single “Waiting” being promoed in March. With monster mixes to complete the package, it is set to be a huge release for the label.

There is no stopping this force!