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Hailing from Osaka JAPAN, Fucho (pronounce “fu-kou”) was formed in the end of 2007.

At early time, we were inspired by metal/hard core bands like other friends do. But slightly we had found our way doom/sludge style. After some try out during a few month, an Australian singer BILL joined the band and recorded 5 songs demo in december 2008 (including early versions of the songs from self-titled EP and 2 BLACK SABBATH cover tunes). It will never be released in future either.

In early 2009 BILL left the band and stopped playing with us. Out went singer afterward, Souichirou decided to take part of singer/guitarist. After a bunch of rehearsals and beer , we finally made a debut selftitled DEMO-EP . It was recorded at SUBROCK studio in 2days and mixed by ourselves during april-may 2009. The EP that packaged with cover artwork by the artist and also as our long-time friend NOBUHITO TSUJI was released in the end of summer. It impressed enough to be interested in and had good reputations from many cult heavy metal fans world wide.

August 30th 2009 we played our sweet 1st show @ HOKAGE Shinsaibashi Osaka JAPAN.

A few gigs later, unfortunately however one of the core of the group TAGO quits the band and ended his guitarist career in january 2010.

We nonetheless embarked on the second phase, to continue playing without him as a trio. Then current formation was completed and we played bunch of constant shows through the year.

In february 2011 big chance had come to the band. Mr.Shibata from BIRUSHANAH offered us to join the tour around japan with them and french slugde terror MONARCH

It proved the band’s reputation as being one of new japanese doom act to the country.

In the same period of time A compilation BURST HEADS GO FUTURE was released.

We recorded the song called “Give up the ghost” for it. The song expands on our style with more slow and heavy influences.

Now we are recording our debut first album at Fukuda studio. And it’s gonna be unleashed soon from HARD CORE KITCHEN record !!

Booking and total informations : [email protected]

WE’VE ALSO GOT MIXI COMMUNITY : http://mixi.jp/view_community.pl?id=4614587 (japanese only)