«George Parashis» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

This music composer is behind the music of Harmonic Music Machination.

The stand-alone pieces presented here could be described in various ways, but generally they tend to be electronic and instrumental. Vocoder is used when vocals are present. The compositions are often made with little extras thrown in here and there in the form of effects, instruments, or phrases. The composer currently finds it interesting to create something a bit, but not totally, unusual.

This artist offers each song as a separate file for purchase through various outlets. To make sure you are getting the recommended version of a song file, please visit the artist’s video page: http://www.youtube.com/conductus754. Song videos have links in their captions to the places where the songs can be purchased.

The entire collection of music is not offered for sale as one entity, however. Each song needs to be purchased separately.

Now, please enjoy the music.