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Ghoultown is a gothabilly band from Texas, specializing in a mixture of classic americana and gothic music and dark, horrifying lyrics.

Razorcake Magazine which summed up the music and attitude behind the band as "The true tequila-guzzlin' sounds of Texxxas!". Their unique heavy western sound has brought attention from both fans and press alike. Since their debut in 1999, Ghoultown has released four CD's, as well as several compilations, movies, short films, a comic book and a video game.


Formed in 1999, by vocalist/guitarist Count Lyle (Solitude Aeturnus, The Killcreeps), Ghoultown recorded its first 3-song EP in October of that same year. Titled Boots of Hell, the EP illustrated the power of the band's Tex-Mex blend while garnering rabid reviews, a fanbase and independent radio airplay. With Boots of Hell in circulation, the band's early buzz landed them several compilation appearances. The most notable being Skully Records' (NY) Gothabilly 2: Rockin' Necropolis where they share the bill with some of the best psychobilly acts around the world. As a kick off, the band was invited to participate in the world-release show held at NY's infamous CBGB's on Halloween 2000.

In early 2001, Ghoultown released their full-length debut Tales from the Dead West. The album, produced by Kol Marshall (Mercyful Fate, etc.), captured the versatility and unique sound of the Texan quintet from the powerful "Killer in Texas" to the Doors-esque "Running From the Sun." "This album already has a place on my best of 2001 list," quoted a Harder Beat reviewer who reflected the positive response. Not only were ears turned, but eyes as well as the release pushed the band into new live show territory. With highlight performances such as an Atlanta benefit, which featured Jerry Only of the legendary Misfits as an onstage guest, Ghoultown has played with an amazing variety of bands such as Hank III, Rocket from the Crypt, The Independents, DRI, Bile, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Flametrick Subs, Dick Dale, Road Kings, Men of Porn, Captured By Robots, Fear, Cruxshadows, and The Misfits.

By 2002, four of bands songs were chosen for the soundtrack of the horror-slasher American Nightmare (fr), starring B-movie queen Debbie Rochon (Tromeo and Juliet). The movie script was subsequently altered to include a Ghoultown performance cameo after the director witnessed the band live, and the video for their track "Killer In Texas" was included as a bonus on the DVD.

In the spring of 2002, the band released their follow-up Give 'Em More Rope, and Angry Planet Records signed an exclusive licensing deal with Netherlands-based Corazong Records to release the Ghoultown U.S. catalog in Europe and Canada. The first Euro-Canadian release was a special version of Tales from the Dead West, which included tracks from their Boots of Hell EP as well.

In the late summer, Ghoultown did a 35 date U.S. tour which included performances at NY's CBGBs to The Garage in L.A. The tour was concluded by a performance at one of the world's largest annual entertainment media conventions, Dragon*Con in Atlanta, where the band has performed for the last two years by popular demand.

Hitting 2003, Ghoultown's signature tune "Killer In Texas" made yet another appearance in a short film called Headcheese which was released on DVD with a movie called Freak. Appropriately, Headcheese was filmed in the same location as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre... house and all! Spending the first half of 2003 performing, the band toured the midwest and east coast, in addition to numerous Texas area shows. By the end of spring, Ghoultown completed work on songs for two upcoming Jon Keeyes films, Slice of Life and Hallow's End, the later in which they will also be making a cameo appearance. These are due on the market around Halloween.

In 2004, Ghoultown released a double disc set, Live From Texas!, which showcased their powerful live show on both CD and DVD. "Ghoultown puts the grit back into rock 'n' roll with a blazing hellfire vengeance!" said Horror Garage in praise of the release, which has garnered extremely positive feedback and become the best selling release to date. Also in 2004, the band managed to creep into the video game market where several of their actual gig posters can be seen in the award-winning Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines PC game.

October 2006 saw the release of the full-length Ghoultown album, Bury Them Deep, with a cover painted by illustrator Dan Brereton, creator of Nocturnals.

In 2008, Ghoultown had two releases: Skeleton Cowboys, a limited edition hand-numbered 7" vinyl single; and Life After Sundown, a full length studio album (also featuring cover art by Dan Brereton).

Band members

  • Count Lyle - Vocals, Guitar
  • Jake Middlefinger - Guitar
  • Lizard Lazario - Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals
  • Santi - Bass, Backing Vocals
  • Dalton Black - Drums
  • Randy Grimm - Trumpet

Former Band Members

  • Queeno DeVamps - Bass
  • X-Ray Charles - Drums
  • Dez Black - Trumpet
  • J. Luis - Trumpet


  • Boots of Hell (1999) (EP)
  • Tales From the Dead West (2001)
  • Give 'Em More Rope (2002)
  • Live From Texas! (2004)
  • Bury Them Deep (2006)
  • Skeleton Cowboys (2008) (7" vinyl single; hand-numbered, limited to 400)
  • Life After Sundown (2008)
  • Mistress of the Dark (2009) (Digibook CD/DVD feat. new Elvira theme song; limited to 2,000)
  • The Unforgotten: Rare & Un-Released (2012)

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