«Ginkgo Garden» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

GINKGO GARDEN is the name of the musical project of the German composer and musician EDDY F. MUELLER. >Ginkgo< stands for the homage for ginkgo biloba, the oldest tree on Planet Earth. Also called “living fossil”, the ginkgo is a unique phenomenon in the plant world and in mythology as well. The ginkgo theme has been inspirational in the music of EDDY F. MUELLER. In the >Garden< Eddy has planted complex instrumental themes in order that they may flourish in a symbolic way. His music stimulates the listeners’ senses. Eddy embraces William Shakespeare’s motto: “I want to touch the people’s hearts”. EDDY F. MUELLER produced 11 LPs and CDs under his pseudonym BIRDY. BIRDY music was used by the soundtrack specialist and music library SELECTED SOUND/EMI, Hamburg, in more than 2,000 films, videos and commercials. That is why library music was the subject Eddy had completely committed himself to for many years. One often heard BIRDY music in jingles of well-known products and famous brands, but nevertheless Eddy had a longing for a different project: music without being bound to a special purpose. Inspired by the German TV documentary called “Ginkgo, Leaves Of Hope” EDDY F. MUELLER created his musical enterprise GINKGO GARDEN. This music is ideal to set the atmosphere for relaxation, meditation, massage and healing bodywork. GINKGO GARDEN offer music suitable for pure listening pleasure for any occasion.