«GizeL» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

GizeL was a visual kei band signed under Zënit Music Factory label. They were formed in 2009 when the bassist of AibeLL left the band and the remaining members wanted to continue making music.

The band decided to disband after their one-man live at Urawa Narciss at 2010/04/25 but released an last live DVD called 「ジゼルの種~最終話~」 through mailorder from 2010/04/27 to 2010/05/15.

GizeL were:

Vocal: 真乃助 (Shinnosuke; ex-AibeLL)

Guitar: 咲 (Saku; ex-AibeLL)

Guitar: クマ (Kuma; ex-AibeLL)

Bass: Dai (ex-cheSs)

Drums: まぁ (Mar; ex-SectMa)



2009.08.14 涙の樹 (1st Mini-Album)

2009.10.10 ~銀河大聖堂‐Star sparkle~ (v.a. CD, 1 song)

2009.12.30 アルゴの羅針盤 (v.a. DVD, 1 song)

2010.02.22 夢食い記念日 (2nd Mini-Album)

2010.03.09 歪んだ影の使者 (live distributed)

2010.03.09 ミノム未来 (live distributed)

2010.06.XX 「ジゼルの種~最終話~」 (last live DVD)