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Go West are a British pop group. The duo formed in London, UK in 1982, with Peter Cox and Richard Drummie. Go West quickly had a publishing deal and possessed a portastudio, but lacked a band or recording company. Peter and Richard decided, with support from John Glover, their manager, to find a musical producer, and record just two of their songs. The tracks We Close Our Eyes and Call Me found Go West developing a record deal with Chrysalis Records. The songwriting duo specialised in radio friendly, white soul sounds. The band’s debut single, We Close Our Eyes, was released in 1985 and managed to achieve the number 5 position on the UK Singles charts, #5 on the US Dance Club Play chart and also managed to reach #41 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. The video for the song became an early favorite on MTV. This helped them to be voted the “Best Newcomers” at the 1986, BRIT Awards. The duo’s self-titled album also featured 2 more Hot 100 entries; “Call Me” (1984 - #54) and “Eye To Eye” (1985 - #73). The album also featured “Don’t Look Down”, which would serve as the prequel to what would be the band’s first Top 40 hit in the US. The album hit #8 in the UK Album charts and #60 on Billboard 200 Album chart. In 1987, they released their follow-up, “Dancing On The Couch”, which peaked at #19 on UK Album chart but only got as high as #172 in the US. Ironically, that album yielded Go West with their first US Top 40 hit, “Don’t Look Down - The Sequel”, squeaking into the Top 40 peaking at #39. That song was a continuation to “Don’t Look Down” from their debut album. However, “Don’t Look Down - The Sequel” was excluded from the UK versions of the CD, which instead included the track, “Let’s Build A Boat”, which coincidentally became the B-Side of the US release of “Don’t Look Down - The Sequel”. Later in 1990, Go West scored a top 10 US hit with the song King of Wishful Thinking from the movie Pretty Woman. An instrumental version of the song’s chorus is also alleged to be heard in the production logo for Gracie Films (seen at the end of The Simpsons). Go West website: www.gowest.org.uk