«Green Wizard» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Green Wizard is a producer, mixer, and engineer from new england. And owns his own recording studio called Flowering Hell Studio’s located in Maine. He is also a musician, and songwriter as well. Occasionally he will perform and record some instrument tracks for other bands he is working with or recording. He is known for recording and/or working with bands and artists such as Stasis, Exacerbate, Seahorse Battlefield, The Lotus Petals, Darktower, Necrolepsy, Misery, Pair of Dice, the Potion, Eerie, Popeium, Plague, Jonathan Menderhaus, Attorney at Law, Cactus Hag, Devil Dinosaur, Eggplant Wizard, Waalrus, Highfather, Bleak Silence, and Retro Grave, a group with original Trouble drummer Jeff Oly Olson.