«Guenter Schlienz» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Guenter Schlienz is an electronic artist hailing from Stuttgart in the southern part of Germany.

Although Guenter initially studied history and social sciences in school, he now works as a freelance sound engineer, primarily for the Stuttgart opera.

Guenter initially began his musical journey through formal training on recorder, after which he was drawn to guitar, an instrument he taught himself to play. After playing rock guitar for years, with more than 150 gigs to his credit, in 1998 he began to investigate music of a more experimental nature. In 2003, he began work on a home made analog modular synth, all the while recording the sounds and drones he was able to produce with this machine.

Besides his solo music, Guenter is also part of an experimental ambient electronic drone project called Navel, which has made several releases since 1998.