«Guttersnipe» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

1) Guttersnipe is an Oi! band from Umeå, Sweden. 2) Guttersnipe is a minimal techno project from Moscow, Russian Federation. 1) The members of the band are: Henrik -Song,Bass Jocke -Guitar,Background vocals Uffe -Drums,Backgroundvocals Henke and Jocke has played together since ‘90 -under different bandnames- they started off with I.O.U., wich they changed to Total Chaos, Total Depression and finally Antagonists. When their bassplayer at the time quit to play with his other band Slutstation Tjernobyl, Henke picked up bassplaying and Guttersnipe was born. Fredrik joined the band in the christmas of ‘94 and because of that his old band Blickpunkt disintegrated. When Fredrik joined they had already released a single and had a record contract,so he was a bit nervous because he was a guitarist and not a drummer. It has worked out fine, though and he’ll keep on playing the drums. There has been two drummers before Fredrik, the first was in on Henke and Jockes earlier bands but he left the band to get more time for his sporting activities. The second one -Peter “Pan”, also played in Blickpunkt, but he left ‘cause he thought Blickpunkt was more enjoyable, and if he played in two groups he didn’t have time to pump iron. The band has got great response to their releases, they play Oi!/streetpunk and love it. By now, Uffe has replaced Fredrik as drummer. 2) The joint project of Denis Kaznacheev aka Cast and Sergey chigrakov Chizh, a well-known Moscow DJ, was published by Sender Records, Germany, and received most favorable reviews from the critics. The Guttersnipe project can be heard at any of the chief Moscow dance floors, as well as in other russian cities.