«Hesta Prynn» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Hesta Prynn (a.k.a Julie Alissa Potash) is a musician, singer/rapper from New York, USA. She was a founding member of the hip-hop group Northern State and has now gone on to have a solo career.

The New York Post describes Hesta Prynn as ”M.I.A. and Miike Snow’s lovechild” and named her the #4 Artist to Watch in 2010.

Prynn’s first solo EP, called Can We Go Wrong, was released in July 2010. The 6 track EP was produced and co-written by Chuck Brody, who is also her live guitarist. The sound is more electronic-based than her work with Northern State, with 90’s guitar sound over dance beats. The title track Can We Go Wrong has been featured in ads for Ray-Ban and Nylon Fashion TV. The video for “Can We Go Wrong” was stop motion, comprised of 13K still images and recieved much attention on MTV’s “The Seven”.

Since Can We Go Wrong, Prynn has release a 7” titled Pepper and a a webisode series called “Hesta Prynn & Friends” which features backstage footage of Tegan and Sara, Chuck Brody, photographer Lindsey Byrnes and UK grime rapper Scorcher.

About her sonic mixology, Prynn explains, ”I’m a child of the ’90s. I take all of these different sounds, influences and genres and come up with something cohesive and tangible. We kept calling it ‘post-everything.’ It’s post-hipster, post-genre and post-pop. Everything I do has a hip hop undercurrent. However, the songs have classic structures because I think of them as pop songs, and they all blend electronic and organic live sounds. It’s weird, but it’s accessible.”

Sara Quin of Tegan and Sara adds, ”Hesta Prynn’s album makes me wish I was a dance choreographer or in a dance posse. It’s not just enough to just dance alone to these songs, I actually feel as though I need an entire group of people behind me as a visual representation of how amazing I feel when I’m listening (and dancing) to this music.”

Prynn has played with Andrew Wk, Jay-Z and Avi Buffalo, and has recently collaborated with Neon Indian, Bear Hands and Les Savy Fav’s Tim Harrington and remixer RAC. In 2010 Hesta Prynn toured Europe with Tegan and Sara and played Wireless Festival in London’s Hyde Park.