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Over two years in the making, hyperstory’s debut record brings together a wide range of elements to make an album in the old school style; one that was created not only as a collection of individual songs, but also to be listened to as a whole.

hyperstory (a.k.a. los angeles based musician Scott Blevins) enlists contributions from a range of brilliant musicians including Brooklyn based musician and vocalist Julian Cassia, Deron Johnson (Seal, Miles Davis), Joey Waronker (Beck, Ima Robot), Chris Chaney (Janes Addiction), as well as a host of others.

Recorded in a hodge-podge of studios around the Los Angeles area, hyperstory makes use of a variety of spaces and ways of recording to help create a uniquely varied sonic texture. Melodically driven songs are delivered by making use of eclectic elements including live instrumentation, sample-based programming, ambient textures, and unique performances. All are used together to create a sound that ends up being both genre-bending and cinematic in scope.

source: hyperstory.com