«Ikarus» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

(1) Jazz swiss group

The band consists of drums, bass, piano, and two singers (male and female), who occupy the centre stage: the magic melodies of Stefanie Suhner combine with the vocal variety of Andreas Lareida. Together with the rhythm section they perform wild improvisations as well as minimalistic grooves; from storm to silence. The five musicians make use of jazz tunes and pop forms to create a colourful contemporary mix. Thus their music forms something new, beyond all the existing genres – fashionable and original. Bartôk meets James Blake; Arvo Pärt fuses with Eivind Aarset.

Stefanie Suhner - Vocal

Andreas Lareida – Vocal

Lucca Fries – Piano

Mo Meyer – Bass

Ramón Oliveras – Drums


(2) Viennese beat scavenger Ikarus is more than a “sound reporter.” He’s also a musical world traveler, and, unlike his namesake, he never loses focus. Bulgarian throat singing is juxtaposed with suave beats on “Touched the Sun” from his debut album of the same name

(3) German jazz-rock band that released one album in 1971

(4) Band from Germany