«Inner Vision Laboratory» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Inner Vision Labratory is a musical project brought into existance by polish artist/musician Karol Skrzypiec. It has been created in March 2005.Stylistically the project is to be qualified as basically industrial dark ambient. Nevertheless, it also includes elements of ethnic music, classical music, et al. The first recordings resulted in the creation of Set Of Several Illustrations album. Next records evolved from simple experiments to widely extended pictoral music. Serial Albums have been released by labels such as Rage In Eden, Zoharum, No Angels Productions, Beast Of Prey. Next records evolved from simple experiments to widely extended pictoral and conceptual music. The compositions consists of sounds of synthesizers, ground piano, field recordings and samples.



Mutation Ep (2009.05.10) - Kaos Ex Machina (Kemn101)

Insane Reality (2007.07.03) - War Office Propaganda / Rage In Eden Records Wop 46

Process In Time Ep (2007.05.06) - Kaos Ex Machina ( Kemn19)

The Last Journey Before The Storm (2006.03) Far From Showbiz (FFS 24)

Set Of Several Illustrations (2005.10) Far From Showbiz (FFS 24)


Inner Vision Laboratory & Roto Visage - Cinema Stain (2009.05.26) - No Angels Prod./Beast Of Prey (NAP-CD 011)

Martyna Puc vs D&S with BMRN & I.V.Lab “Klatka” (2008.03.17) - Kaos Ex Machina (Kemn75)


V/A 5 Years of Calm Fury (2009.08) - No Angels Prod.

V/A Strange Attractor (2009.04.19) - Kaos Ex Machina (Kemn100)

V/A Fear Is Thy Name (2008.04.18) - Bone Structure

V/A The Reconstitution of Roto Visage - Kaos ex Machina (Kemn31)

V/A See you in sanitarium (2007.05.23) - Kaos ex Machina (Kemn21)

V/A Where are you Europe? (2007.02) - Kaos Ex Machina (Kemn5)

V/A Brewery in Piotrk…w Trybunalski (2006.09) - Beast of Prey (bop 3.2)

V/A - Keep Away From Showbiz (2006.08) - Far From Showbiz FFS 100