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Rock/Hip Hop/Latin

Twelve years ago Teresita, Gilly, and Rodo began their musical journey together in the San Antonio warehouse underground scene defining the core persona of the INTI sound.

In 2001, five of INTIs’ seven members first came together in the Ceremonial Tribal Rock Performance Group, Kan’nal.

After seven years of extensive touring throughout Northern and central America, two full length commercial releases, and a Sony distribution contract, Kan’nal disbanded, leaving the original core of INTI with the amazing Kan’nal dancer, Akayate, and Lord of sound, Mateo, to unearth their roots in the inner city landscape of Denver, where they met the soulfully sweet vocal stylings of Precious Hill and the rowdy psychedelic six-string gunslinger Jesse Cotton Stone, completing the definitive sound of INTI.

Urban roots, world travels, innovative soundscapes and captivating lyricism define INTI’s unique analog post-modern rock.

Action-packed and rebellious, INTI takes the stage like superheroes ready for battle. Executing epic performances featuring relentless bass, analog synth, 2 powerful female lyricists, electrifying guitar and non-stop live beats. INTI’s defiant lyrics mix Spanish and English of refreshing originality and positivity. On 2008 debut album “RADIO REVOLUCION” and on 2010 release “CHEMTRAIL CANDY” INTI passionately delivers their unique fusion of urban and ethnic, hip hop and punk.

“Inti blew everyone into blissed out space with their new album material that is over the top. A whole new style of music, TRIBAL PUNK, edgy and danceable yet smooth.”

- Dr. Blue, 3 Sided Whole Festival,NM

Book INTI: Karim Ibish, [email protected]

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SOUNDS LIKE: MIA, Manu Chao, Morcheeba, Calle 13

***Special Fire Performances available upon request***


2010 “Chemtrail Candy” recorded at state of the art Immersive Studios in Boulder, CO explodes with INTI’s energetic urgency and integrity. The album features legendary violinist Steven Kindler (Mahavishnu Orchestra, Jeff Beck) bringing captivating melodies to title track remix and several new songs. The uplifting lyrics call for the empowered activation of an educated populace fiercely protecting basic human rights. Innovative INTI merchandise includes tasty Chemtrail Candies to promote the summer release. Delightfully Deviant!


In 2007, INTI toured Mexico and Central America with spectacular dancer AKAYATE spinning fire. The crew filled a small van with instruments, amps and fire gear to bring the INTI show to Central America performing for audiences from indigenous Mayan tribes to international tourists. This epic journey produced most of the material on INTI’s debut album “RADIO REVOLUCION” launched from DENVER, CO on the 4th of July 2008. 1st album “Radio Revolucion” reflects the exhilaration of INTI’s adventurous travels through Latinoamerica. While their new album, “Chemtrail Candy”,written in the 5 Points district of downtown Denver, expresses a more intense urban edge to the band, .


Furious drummer GILLY Gonzalez drives the band with intricate drum beats while throwing playful rhymes and singing harmonies along side relentless bass from the enigmatic RODO, Rodolfo Escobar III. TERESITA Hinojosa drops a vicious mix of spoken word Spanish English rhymes while playing retro synth on keytar. The fluid jazzy vocal expressions and stylistic lyrics of PRECIOUS Hill expand the band’s musical spectrum by adding a medley of experimental rock and soul.

Experimental guitarist Jesse Cotton Stone powers up INTI’s toughest songs live and on new album “CHEMTRAIL CANDY.” Dancer AKAYATE glows in a bright array of indigenous tribal elements, mixed urban graffiti and graphic art sewn by her. Audio engineer MATEO spices up the show by adding sound effects, percussion and instrumentation from the sound booth. Interactive mind melting video projections fill the INTI stage featuring eclectic artists such as VIDEOLICIOUS. Special concerts with theatrical dance by the Fuego Lunar fire spinners include guest musicians from Lunar Fire Collective.


GILLY - drums, vocals

RODO - bass, vocals

TERESITA - keytar, flutes, vocals

PRECIOUS - vocals

JESSE - guitar,vocals

AKAYATE - dance visuals

MATEO - audio engineer, percussion


STEVEN KINDLER (Mahavishnu Orchestra, Jeff Beck) - violins

DANIEL KATSUK (AAA, Spoonfed Tribe) - flutes, vocals, guitar

VIDEOLICIOUS - live video projections

EL FUEGO LUNAR - luminescent theatrical dance

LUNAR FIRE - drummers, vocals, guitars, didgeridoo


INTI “Chemtrail Candy” Good Ol’ Gilly Records, 2010

INTI “Radio Revolucion” Good Ol’ Gilly Records, 2008


Lunar Fire “Eclipse” Good Ol’ Gilly Records, 2008

Kan’Nal “Myth Magic” 2008

Kan’Nal “Dreamwalker” Physics Records, SONY Red, 2003

“PACHA” Good Ol’ Gilly Records, 2005

“Venado” Good Ol’ Gilly Records, 2004

“The Blue Beyond” Good Ol’ Gilly Records, 2000


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INTI, la Tribu du Ska Inka

INTI, le Soleil Inca… C’est l’énergie vitale universelle qui guide, inspire et rayonne au sein de la tribu andine éponyme.

C’est autour de Pedro, fondateur du projet et d’origine péruvienne (guitare & choeurs) que se sont progressivement rassemblés depuis l’an 2000 Marco (batterie), Tristan (cor & choeurs), David (basse), et Judikaël (sax ténor & choeurs). L’arrivée en 2005 du “Messager” Lee Han (chant & guitare) scelle la formation actuelle, le groupe mutant pour devevir « La Tribu du Ska Inka ». Chacun est alors renommé comme le veut la coutume: Lee Han “El Chaski”, Pedro “El Chaman”, Judikael “Le Clown sacré », Tristan “El Fanfaron”, Marco “Le Gardien du Rythme”, David “Le Guerrier”.

Tribu mythique imaginée sortie de sa jungle amérindienne, et d’une naturalité transfigurée, presque rousseauiste, INTI invite dans sa ronde festive & chamanique par la danse. La tribu surprend par l’énergie scènique exaltée de ses membres et de son Ska Inka, cocktail de musiques métisées et ensoleillées qui rappelle les plus belles heures de la Mano Negra. Et puis, dès que la magie inca est invoquée, la ronde se transforme en une transe téllurgique quechuesque, jusqu’à son paroxysme… jusqu’à l’éruption solaire finale! On ressort de la ronde avec des coups de soleil. On bronze aussi de l’intérieur!