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18-year-old aspiring producer, remixer, mash-up artist, semi-professional musician and started DJ, JacksonPackz is a music alias of Melissa Simon from Manila, Philippines.

A Filipino young female talent producer has revealed of house, trance, dubstep and EDM scene in OPM originals.

Born and raised in the Philippines on June 4, 1995. Diagnosed with mild autism.

JacksonPackz is trying to make a new tracks with a great influence of big-room house, uplifting trance, liquid dubstep and unique own sounds. She making mashups but her favorite music artists in the world according to her.

Simon was originally start her own tracks at the young age of 15 in late 2010, each remixes including Sonic games, and in 2011, her first trance/techno song “Starlight Chapel” was first uploaded the 2011 submissions on her Newgrounds page. Her introduce FL Studio software to make a song. She tries to her own productions.

JacksonPackz believes that music is emotional, uplifting, energetic, anthemic, big room and melodic music, and its just fun.

In started new, JacksonPackz is an upcoming DJ that supported in the future, and by the influence of a Filipino EDM artists including Mistah Nerf (from Iloilo City), DJ Jenil, Jet Boado, DJ Joey Santos, Ace Ramos, Silverfilter, Deuce Manila, and other names of local talent.


Official Website: www.JacksonPackz.co.nr

YouTube: www.youtube.com/mipssrookies2008

Twitter: www.twitter.com/JacksonPackz

Facebook: www.facebook.com/JacksonPackz

Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/JacksonPackz