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“Getting By On A Memory” is the first solo album by Jay Bruns. Jay spent six years as the keyboardist, rhythm guitarist, and co-arranger for the Josie Burns Blues Band. With two albums under his belt, it was time to focus this experience on his own music. This project is the first in what is hopefully a long series of recordings that focus on a ten-year body of work that was shelved while working on other projects.

His writing style crosses many styles. Raised on the Beatles, and later becoming entranced with the wide fusion of styles incorporated by the band Yes, the songs that Jay began to commit to paper and CD were naturally building on a wide spectrum of musical styles. He borrowed his piano style from Mose Allison, Dave Brubeck, Ray Manzarek, and Rick Wakeman; his guitar style from various artists from Steve Howe, Neil Young, and Leo Kottke, to traditional blues performers; his drumming ideas heavily influenced by Bill Bruford, Ginger Baker, Mitch Mitchell, and Jimi Bott; Bass themes developed by listening to the works of Paul Chambers, Chris Squire, Bill Stuve.

A lot of personal experience with music at local clubs has also contributed to the way Jay has penned some of his tunes. His views about songwriting have been strongly shaped by brief experiences with such talents as Johnny Hickman, Doug MacLeod, and Rod and Honey Piazza.