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Jimi Tenor (born Lassi O. T. Lehto, 1965, Lahti, Finland) is a Finnish musician. His artist name is a combination of the first name of his youth idol Jimmy Osmond and the tenor saxophone. His band Jimi Tenor & His Shamans released its first album in 1988, whilst Tenor's first solo album appeared in 1994. "Take Me Baby" became his first hit in 1994. He has released albums on Sähkö Recordings, Warp Records and Kitty-Yo record labels.

Tenor has performed several times with the avant-garde big band Flat Earth Society.

In 2009, he contributed a cover of an Elektroids song to the Warp20 (Recreated) compilation album, as well as having his song "Paint the Stars" covered by Hudson Mohawke.


Jimi Tenor and his Shamans

  • Total Capacity of 216,5 Litres; LP (1988, Euros)
  • Diktafon; CD/LP (1989, Poko Records)
  • Mekanoid; CD/LP (1990, Poko Records)
  • Fear of a Black Jesus; CD/LP (1992, Bad Vugum)


  • Sähkömies; Digital/CD/LP (1994, Sähkö Recordings)
  • Europa; Digital/CD/LP (1995, Sähkö Recordings)
  • Intervision; Digital/CD/LP (1997, Warp)
  • Venera; EP/CD, (1998, Warp)
  • Organism; Digital/CD/LP (1999 Warp/Sire Records)
  • Out Of Nowhere; Digital/CD/LP (2000, Warp)
  • Cosmic Relief; Digital/EP, (2001, Sähkö Recordings)
  • Utopian Dream; Digital/CD/LP (2001, Sähkö Recordings)
  • Higher Planes; Digital/CD/LP (2003, Kitty-Yo)
  • Beyond The Stars; Digital/CD/LP (2004, Kitty-Yo)
  • ReComposed by Jimi Tenor; Digital/CD/LP (2006, Deutsche Grammophon)
  • Live in Berlin; Digital (2007, Kitty-Yo)

With Abdissa Assefa

  • Itetune; LP (2011, Temmikongi)

With Kabu Kabu

  • Sunrise; EP/CD (2006, Sähkö Recordings)
  • Joystone; Digital/CD/LP (2007, Sähkö Recordings)
  • 4th Dimension; Digital/CD/LP (2009, Sähkö Recordings)
  • Mystery of Aether; Digital/CD/LP (2012, Kindred Spirits)

With Tony Allen

  • Inspiration Information 4; Digital/CD/LP (2009, Strut Records)

With Lary 7, Mia Teodoratus; Soft Focus

Soft Focus; Digital/LP (2013, Sähkö Recordings)

With Nicole Willis; Cola & Jimmu

Enigmatic; Digital/CD/LP (2013, Herakles Records)


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