«John Burns in Space» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

John Burns in Space is an Experimental Rock/Progressive Rock/Math Rock/JamWhatever band from Lexington, South Carolina, comprised of Three Solo Artists:

  • Nikoli Krakovetsky (a.k.a. Persistence of Memory) on guitar/vocals/keyboards,

  • Chris Johnson

    (a.k.a.Experiment 317) on guitar/vocals/keyboards,

  • Jimmy Hildebrandt

    (a.k.a.Swageworks) on bass/vocals, and

  • Matt Johnson (a.k.a. Matt Johnson) on drums.

Formed somewhere between 1742 and 2007, John Burns in Space has since achieved critical attention from the band members’ friends, family members, and devoted fans.

Having performed just two shows at a local bar and having earned a mere $10 in the band’s lifetime, John Burns in Space has begun work on a full-length half-EP-half-LP hybrid, to be known as (insert album name here). This album, being recorded in part in the bedroom of the step-father of Mr. Krakovetsky and in part in the bedroom of the younger Mr. Johnson, is to be released later this year or early next year on the record label ________ in the Pumatorium/Muffin the Viking Records.

John Burns in Space cites bands ranging from the likes of Porcupine Tree and Pink Floyd to Incubus and Anberlin to Guapo and Lustmord to Deerhoof and The Mars Volta as part of their ever-growing list of influences. Also cited amongst these influences are the weather, the air we breathe, the food we eat, the conversations we have about mundane and idiotic topics, the pictures we take and the pictures we see, the strange people we have met, the knowledge we have yet to obtain, the music we have yet to hear/make, the sounds emitted by various living/nonliving sources at random times, and many other strange and nonsensical things.