«John Larner» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Meet dj John Larner, child of the Chicago and Detroit dance music scene. Raised on a healthy diet of electronic music and dance. Educated by the founding fathers of modern dance music, and fortunate enough to grow up in a time and area where Jeff Mills and Steve “Silk” Hurley could be heard on the radio. Supported by a father who himself loved Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, jazz-fusion and the sounds that helped shape electronica as we know it. Surrounded by friends, whose love of all things dance, made it possible for John to make music his life’s work. From djing, to production, to promoting club nights and one-offs, for the past twenty years, John Larner made dance music his life, all the while influencing people all around him. Spreading the word, the feeling and the love for dance music.

“I like making people happy, I love seeing people smile, dance, jump around or just sit and nod their head to the music. I love sharing what makes me happy with others.” - John Larner