«Kátya Teixeira» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Kátya Teixeira is a Brazilian musician who researches and blends the traditional regional music of Brazil. Her mentors were Doroty Marques and Dércio Marques. Her music often uses spoken word recordings of elder residents of rural Brazil and Brazilian poetry, field recordings of traditional dances and commemorations, her own singing and playing and also musical elements of other cultures.

Her first album, Katxerê, was released in 1997 and was the result of her research of the sertanejo musical genre of inner Brazil, the traditional Azorean-influenced work-songs of the Southern state of Santa Catarina, children’s riddles and more.

Her second album, Lira do Povo, was released in 2004 and employs the same research/recording approach, now focusing on indigenous rituals of the North, candomblé dances and ceremonies of Bahia and other Northeastern states, Alagoan folguedos, quilombo music and maracatú, recordings of rezadeiras and Guarani shamans, and also employing the didgeridoo, Irish fiddle, Bulgarian aboios and taiko drums as to represent the anthropophagy of the Brazilian creative process.