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KatazTrophee is an Internet-based musician who’s work primarily involves sampling and remixing Creative Commons licensed music. His music is an eclectic mixture of samples, synthesizers, and drum machines.

His third proper album, “Sixteen Red Candles And A Box Full Of Memories”, was a double album which took almost 2 years to complete. Work on the album started on June 16, 2008. The album was released on January 09, 2010.

His latest release, “Opening The Box: The B-Sides”, features a collection of songs recorded while working on “Sixteen Red Candles And A Box Full Of Memories”. Many of the tracks were unreleased, with only a few having been released in some form.

Born in Kendallville, Indiana, United States on December 5, 1991, KatazTrophee currently resides in Avilla, Indiana, United States.

Avilla, Indiana, United States