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Hailing from Ontario

Katchphraze is a refreshing blend of knowledge, truth, and exceptional wit. Inspired by every genre of music imaginable and driven by a love for the culture, his distinctive style is laced with spitfire delivery and relentless wordplay. Never one to succumb to superficial materialism or the image-based industry, Katchphraze’s lyrical content varies from introspective reflections to story telling to ruthless and no-holds-barred battle raps.

Emceeing since the early ’90s, Katchphraze says that being respected by his high school peers back then, in a time before hip hop was “popularized” and established with commercial exposure, added fuel to his fire and further reaffirmed what he already knew – he had the skill.

In the summer of 2001, Katchphraze recorded an EP entitled “Ones N Toos,” that was distributed to every DJ, promoter, and radio station he came across. It quickly got frequent radio play on stations such as 89.5 CIUT, and Vancouver’s 96.1 Planet AAJ. Suddenly, people were coming out of the woodworks, eagerly asking where they could hear more. Hip hop heads worldwide were responsive, even sending fan mail thanking him for putting out what they felt “had been missing in hip hop for the last number of years.”

Later on in the year, Katchphraze relocated across the country to Vancouver Island, where he began building a solid underground fan base and began performing with the likes of fellow Canadian talent Sweatshop Union, Moka Only, and Swollen Members.

Katchphraze’s full length album Eye Can See Now, was released on August 6th 2007. The title track, produced by Swollen Members’ Rob the Viking, is a thought-provoking eye-opener that sets the conceptual theme that is apparent throughout the album. The first single off the album is entitled, “I Don’t Wanna” reaffirms himself as a powerful wordsmith and shows a willingness to speak his mind on difficult topics such as war and poverty. “there’s so much more then what we’re fighting for, while we’re fighting wars we should be fighting war.” On other songs such as “What’s Up” he shows how he is able to play on words with lines such as, “girls ‘laugh atchu’ like they sneeze when they giggle”.

Regardless of what song you are listening to, Katchphraze is always telling you something with his music. “I don’t consider myself to be a conscious rapper. I’m just a rapper that is conscious of what’s going on around me”.

With his diverse subject matter and distinctive delivery, Katchphraze is hip hop’s much-needed breath of fresh air. “I write music with a purpose, and a message that people can relate to,” he explains. “I write about life in general and the things that happen in it every day to everyone no matter who you are. I am not a thug, and I’m not aspiring to become one. I am me. I am not a carbon copy of what’s already out there.”

I Don’t Wanna Hear That it Can’t Be Done

Funny Story

Eye Can See Now has been released