«Keitzer» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

The Band was formed in 2000 as a five piece lineup : Christian - vocals Claas - guitar and vocals Simon - bass Michael - guitar and vocals Tim - drums. After releasing the record in 2001 “to destroy the planet earth on farewell records and the split ep in 2003 with Remains of the Day on yellowdog records Claas decided to leave the Band. After two European Tours both with Remains of the Day they recorded “Suicide Anthology” in 2004 which was also released by YellowDog recs in 2005. During the years they played a lot of shows and a Germany-tour with polish tech-grinders Antigama in 2006, they released the limited split 3”CD with DAS KRILL on Aggressive Plankton recs wcich will soon come out on 7degreesrecs. After this Nico joined the Band on the second guitar. They recorded now the new record “as the world burns”2008 which was released as CD on Yellowdog recs. In 2008 they played the Maryland Deathfest and some shows on the US-east coast. Keitzer is a inferno of Grind Hardcore with metallic influences in the vein of old German Grindcore Bands. The band’s latest album, Descend Into Heresy, was released in 2011 on Yellow Dog Records. DISCOGRAPHY To Destroy The Planet Earth 12” (Farewell Records) Split 7” with R.O.T.D. (Yellow Dog Records) Suicide Anthology CD (Yellow Dog Records) Split 3”CD / 7” with Das Krill (AgressivePlankton Records) As The World Burns CD/12” (Parade Of Spectres / rwp038) Descend Into Heresy (Yellow Dog Records)http://www.myspace.com/keitzer