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Kelley Polar, born Michael Kelley, is an alternative dance vocalist and producer.

Originally a classical violist from Providence, R.I., he studied at the Oberlin Conservatory and then at Juilliard, where he collaborated with Metro Area's Darshan Jesrani and Morgan Geist on tracks like "Miura", "The Art of Hot" and "Caught Up". He released a number of solo EPs under the alias of the Kelley Polar Quartet on Environ Records. His first album as Kelley Polar, Love Songs of the Hanging Gardens, was released in 2005 and contains elements of house, disco and pop. His follow up I Need You To Hold On While The Sky Is Falling was released in March 2008 in the US and most of Europe. In 2012, Madonna sampled Polar's "Ashamed of Myself" in a medley, mixing it up with her own songs "Candy Shop" and "Erotica" in one of the most talked about sections of her MDNA Tour, giving Kelley Polar worldwide exposure. Rumors of a collaboration between them surfaced on the web.

He is the brother of Blevin Blectum. As Mike Kelley, he is the violist for the Apple Hill Chamber Players.


As Kelley Polar Quartet


  • Love Songs of the Hanging Gardens - Environ (2005)
  • I Need You To Hold On While The Sky Is Falling - Environ (2008)


  • Audition EP† - Environ (2002)
  • Recital EP† - Environ (2003)
  • Rococo EP† - Environ (2004)
  • Chrysanthemum - Environ (2007)
  • I'm Not What You Want - Environ (2011)

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