«KGB Suspect» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

KGB Suspect is a street punk/crust band from Seattle, started in 2002. K Suspect on guitar/vocals, Comrade Sven on bass/backup vocals, and Hazard on drums. In 2004 they recorded a demo version of their debut album, Nothing to Lose But Our Chains. This album was 17 songs, and was recorded in four hours. One of the songs was cut from the demo, which they made 100 copies. These were originally sold for $3, but eventually were given away. Due to the poor quality of this recording, they made plans to re-record it, take some songs off of it, and get it pressed to CD. They are currently working on this project. In 2006 Comrade Sven left the band to go to college. They were joined briefly by Justin on bass. They soon found Aaron, who is their current bass player.

They are currently in the middle of recording “Nothing to Lose But Our Chains” which is due out in 2007. They also have two more albums in the works.