«King Size Box» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

1996. Nothing extremely important happened but the fact that such a baby in the swimming pool would unconsciously invite us to the tempting and inescapable path of music. A Washburn Lion plugged in home’s sound system , a couple of rulers , posters showing weird people, and the dream , as of any newbie musician , made us to form our first and only rock band. Within a long and complicated trajectory , after different forms , songs, and styles , the band already named Kingsizebox got its odd shape when the newest bassist , Xan Nagazawa, joined at the recording of the totally independent first EP. Nowadays , the influences are clearly noticed , although the variety of genres fulfills the space and completes its identity. Kingsizebox swags from aggressive rock to melancholic , psychedelic , and grunge. We get through lonely nights in Skytrain , nostalgic feelings , childhood fantasies , misery and escape , socio-political issues , the pleasure of the wind blowing on face , love and hate , unreachable desires, and also stupid daily situations.