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Konqistador deliver a hybrid of electro-world-fusion delving in Eastern European industrialism, Baltic and Black Sea folklore, time honored Middle Eastern history. Thier sound is delivered through ancient rhythms, ethereal and emotive guitars and adventurously explorative vocals presented in English, French, Spanish, Romanian, Turkish, Arabic and Russian. They are avid archivists and constantly record live, as originally recorded field recordings discovered from their travels around the world, richly influence their music.


The band consists of 2 Melbourne based musician/producers; Reggie Ray and Lizzy Ray (72 Blues) plus Detroit based producer and co-writer D.A. Chow. Konqistador have been promoting Courage Riot exclusively to American and Canadian audiences with their first Australian tour “You’ll Get Yours” this December.

The band delivers a seamless set of medieval and ancient rhythms, gutteral electro bass vibes, fiery fuelled guitars and throat slitting vocals.

ABOUT THE ALBUM [Courage Riot]

Konqistador have spent the last 2 years writing and recording Courage Riot, gaining inspiration and influences from all corners of the world. The band has temporarily stationed in Istanbul, Detroit and Melbourne. The album was completed across 2 hemispheres, 3 continents and a handful of time zones.

The album is delivered in 5 languages (English, Spanish, German, French and Turkish) and dances darkly through romantic themes of respect, dignity, vendettas and revenge. You can hear Ezan prayers delivered through archaic megaphone technology, poets and street preachers, all recorded in Istanbul.