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Formed in Leverkusen, Germany in 1993, Lady Besery’s Garden came and went with the bloom that was 90’s guitar goth. Their two masterful albums, Perceptions and Experiment Experience Explosion, remain as testimony to their accomplished songwriting.

Band history H. Bo and K. Baal started working together at the beginning of 1990, but at first this Cooperation was almost exclusively of a technical kind for at that time both of them were still engaged in other projects. So it was not until July 1993 that their Cooperation led to the formation of Lady Besery’s Garden.

As their first demos were well received, K. Baal and H. Bo decided to found their own music production Company Körperschall to record their first CD “Perceptions” (originally called “dto.”) and to arrange for its pressing. Once the CD was completed they started looking for competent partners but unfortunately were not very successful. By chance the band learned that the Düsseldorf-based label Accession Records intended to produce a compilation and was still looking for potential tracks. Lady Besery’s Garden sent in their CD and after short talks the parties agreed to work together in the future.

Their music: It is rather difficult to describe their music as the songs differ in style as well as in their realisation. If you try to analyse the stylistic means, you’ll discover new and well-known ones also to be found in the new wave of the ’80s, romanticism and orchestral film music. So you’ll find not only fragile and reserved but also aggressive elements, partly in powerful, partly in gentle arrangements, while the listener is always surrounded by a dense pattern of sound and harmony.

‘The most important thing with regard to music is to concentrate always on your song and not to become lost in technical playfulness, because a song that is able to provoke emotions reaches its listeners anyway. In our opinion it is only of minor importance if and to what extent music is “progressive” as long as you remain honest and do not start to copy yourself or others. So far, the audience seems to like this because as far as we can tell at the moment our music appeals to very different kinds of people.’

Their lyrics combine personal experiences and political reflections, partly reduced to a Single aspect, partly trying to present a global view of a particular condition. Singer and text writer K. Baal deals with personal (“Arlene”) and ethical subjects (“Placebo”) as well as with present-day topics (“Gaping tear”, “Play pervert”), the growing voyeurism in a fast expanding media landscape being one of the crucial points. “None of us thinks our texts could improve the world or alter it considerably. What we want is to participate in shaping it as much as possible.”

In 1998 LBG were proud to release their second Album, named “Experiment, Experience, Explosion”, containing 11 tracks.

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