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Large Mound is a well-known rock group based in Dublin, Ireland. In the beginning things were scrappy: with 4-track tape experiments and a “here’s a riff, here’s a song” approach to writing. Since then the Mound have evolved into one of Ireland’s most prolific rock bands, with two full length albums, extensive gigging experience, and mounting critical acclaim under their belts. The musical goal of combining downstroke rock, metal riffs and smart songwriting has remained constant though. Reviewers have drawn comparisons with bands like Sebadoh, Fugazi, Dinosaur Jr, and Teenage Fanclub, and the band wouldn’t have too much of a problem with any of that.

There have been a few line-up changes along the way. The one constant has been founding member and singer/guitarist Anthony Mackey who writes most of the songs, increasingly aided by second singer/guitarist “The Boy” Mark Jordan. All of Large Mound’s songs are about working, rocking, and the funny things that happen to you in between. This was summed up in the opening line of their debut single, I Thought You Were Dead, “Short, simple songs about life”.

The Mound have done all the usual band things like release 7” singles and split singles, the odd compilation contribution, and three full length albums: “Raised on Rock” (2002) on Julius Geezer Records, “Go Forth And Amplify” (2004) and “My Whole Life Is Have To” (2007) on Scientific Laboratories. The “MWLIHT” album spawned two download single releases, “Your Holiday Sounds Boring” and a remixed version of “I Hate All My Friends”.

They regularly share stages with local and touring bands, and hit the road whenever they can.