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Roll the dice and win with South Africa’s top ska-core band LEEK AND THE BOUNCING UPTONES. This four-piece band, based in Pretoria, South Africa, play some of the catchiest, up-beat punk rock ever heard. Mixed with the smooth melodies of the trombone and flowing bass lines LEEK AND THE BOUNCING UPTONES’ original blend of South African music is taking the world by storm. “Armed with a glowingly healthy distrust of any sort of authority figure and a giddy, infectious enthusiasm, the band with straight-forward, horn-driven, ska-influenced punk tunes that waste no time nor metaphor in getting to the point. And this being balls-to-the-wall punk rock, the point is usually very, very angry” – Craig Canavan (Pretoria News)

Having released the latest album “Roll The Dice” on British label 20 Deck Records in July 2001, LEEK AND THE BOUNCING UPTONES have been supporting it ever since. With constant touring through out South Africa as well as an international tour to the UK for three weeks, the band has done surprisingly very well. Now back in the studio, LEEK AND THE BOUNCING UPTONES are in the process of writing new material for the next record. With a stronger knowledge on writing and an impulsive drive to succeed, the new material is sounding better than ever. Harder hitting guitars, deep and haunting horn lines and even angrier vocals, puts LEEK AND THE BOUNCING UPTONES one step higher. While working on the new material LEEK AND THE BOUNCING UPTONES will be playing around South Africa with the aim of gaining new fans. Playing at large festivals and small local clubs the band will be pushing it’s music out to as many people as possible.

LEEK AND THE BOUNCING UPTONES started back in 1994 playing the local clubs in Pretoria. In 1996 the band released their first album “It Was Just An Idea!”. That same year saw the band win the Battle Of The Punk Rock Bands which gave forth to their next album in 1997 entitled “Punks Golfing Again”. The year 2000 was a good year for the band as they won the Pretoria Battle Of The Bands and had the opportunity to open up for American ska band Five Iron Frenzy while on tour in the SA. 2001 brought about the signing to British label 20 Deck Records and then the latest album “Roll The Dice” which was released in July 2001. The album reached number one on the Radio Tuks charts as well as number 22 on the Canadian radio station CJSF. After an extensive tour of South Africa, the band headed off to the UK for a 3 week tour to support the album. Playing 13 shows in 16 days brought the band new success in the UK with 2 sold out shows and enormous CD sales.

Now back in South Africa, LEEK AND THE BOUNCING UPTONES are concentrating on their new material and playing as many shows as possible. With the planned new release and a tour of the States in 2003, this band is bound to take the world by storm. So roll the dice and win with LEEK AND THE BOUNCING UPTONES. “Once in a while, you’ll hear a new band that makes u extremely excited. Well this CD got me off my feet in the first two songs. Fast & catchy skacore all the way from South Africa.” 206 Records Magazine (USA)

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